About Jane

Born: 25/06/1989 

Home Town: Bolton 

Eyes: Green 

Height: 5’’0’ (and it’s often suggested 4’’ of that is pure lungs)

Favourite Food: Cheese, cheese and more cheese. If it looks, smells, feels or acts like cheese, she wants it. Audience members with cheese be prepared for Jane to pay it more attention that you.

Favourite artists: Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Eva Cassidy, Queens of the stone age (yes she likes heavy music too). 

Jane shimmied into the world demonstrating her finest jazz hands. She’s a natural performer and has been her entire life. If you ask her “how long have you been singing?” she would tell you that she sang before she could talk, crawl or even roll. With very little formal training in music her approach to writing her original material is to literally write and sing what she hears in her head. Educated at Canon Slade school in Bolton she excelled in performing arts and didn't study music in the conventional sense, not even choosing it as one of her GCSE options! She studied music outside of school however learning piano but only to Grade 5 and music theory to Grade 3. At the age of 20 she decided it was time she trained her voice and visited a vocal coach for just under a year where she learned how to use her voice as an instrument.

When at one of Jane's performances you can expect to hear a wide variety of music, from Etta James to Stevie Wonder. Her unique style & voice breathes fresh life into classic songs alongside new original music of her own. In her original music you will hear plenty of influences but each song has the distinctive Jane jazz thread running throughout.

Her potential as a quality performer & songwriter was first recognised when she reached the final of Open Mic UK in 2011 performing at the O2 Arena in London. This marked the beginning of her musical journey.

Jazz is her passion, The potential for each and every performance t have a different flavour is what she craves the most. Jazz allows for fluidity and creativity to flow freely with musicians bouncing off each others input.

She is very energetic and has a very bouncy and bubbly personality. Jane is a person who once you’ve met, you’re unlikely to forget. When it comes to being a musician, Jane is both a pianist and a singer and has been writing songs since the age of 12. Nowadays she likes to split her time between her work in schools, writing and recording music, performing, producing music videos & spending time with her husband and her daughter. In fact, she’s a very busy girl indeed!

Fresh, unique & easy on the ears.